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Fan blog for Motionless In White

Submitted by: angerangel

the band played in billings mt on the 7th. Nobody ever plays in billings. ever…. i’m pretty sure it was their last (or close to last) show of the summer touring season. they really didn’t even have to play the show. I noticed that someone was saying on twitter that the guys are no longer nice people. well i, personally, would like that person to eat live TNT. they couldnt be more wrong. before the guys set, i saw josh, he made me nervous so i couldnt talk (i was fan-girling pretty hard lol), but i smiled and waved at him and he said hello to me. the same for Angelo when they were switching sets. after the show, they had 30 min before bus call so they (sadly) couldnt do photos. but Chris stood there and signed for every single sweaty kid in line. i bout passed out.he hugged me! :D he was so nice. there are alot of bands out there who i loved in their infancy, but once they got some sort of notoriety, they turned to douchebags. MIW definately hasn’t done that. Of course, it wont be like the good ol’ days and be a giant hang sesh, but i highly doubt that they would ever turn into assholes. 

there. i had to tell somebody who would understand. 

thanks for your blog. much love :)

Thanks so much for submitting this (: